Three things a business should do about business interruption insurance | LE

September 18, 2020

Three things a business should do about business interruption insurance

In the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, nearly one-third of business owners’ report cash flow as their biggest challenge over the next few months, according to a survey of small and medium size business owners.

Langdon Emison
November 11, 2019

Research and Recent News Reports Show Concussions Cause Long-Term Impairment

New studies reveal the long-term damage in traumatic brain injuries.

Mark Emison
July 1, 2019

Infant Death Leads to More Attention on Dangers of Baby Slings

Consumers have been warned again about the dangers of baby slings. Read her to learn about how infants can sometimes be smothered inside these devices, and what the CPSC says we should do to use them correctly.

Mark Emison
January 10, 2019

Examining Defects in Cars’ Fuel Systems

This blog post examines a few of the most common fuel system defects that we’ve identified in our practice of over 25 years working with this type of case.

Kent Emison
January 2, 2019

Defective Front Seats in Cars Lead to Catastrophic Injuries

The seatbacks for front occupants play a vital safety role in rear-end crashes, similar to seatbelts and airbags in frontal crashes. Seatback failures commonly occur because the seats are constructed with weak materials.

Mark Emison
November 28, 2018

When Should an Airbag Inflate?

In recent months, our law firm has seen an increasing number of airbag non-deploy cases resulting in severe injuries and fatalities. These cases typically involve catastrophic failures of passenger presence sensor systems that fail to recognize the passenger seat is occupied, which in turn, disables the airbag.

David Brose
Scales of Justice
October 5, 2018

Exoneration Project Earns Key Victory in Kentucky Wrongful Conviction Case

The University of Chicago’s Exoneration Project continues to gain success in the realm of representing those least able to defend themselves.

Mark Emison
February 5, 2018

Unknown Danger: Why Reclined Car Seats can be Deceptively Unsafe

Many readers don’t know this, but it’s possible that tilting your vehicle’s seat back to rest or take a nap can dramatically increase the risk of serious injury or death.  Even though this issue is just as important as that of defective tires, most consumers and passengers don’t understand these risks, auto makers (like Ford, GM, Chrysler and Toyota) have known of this danger for more than 40 years.

Mark Emison
January 30, 2018

Congress Calls for Increased Regulation to Improve Passenger Vehicle Safety on U.S. Highways

Trucking accidents are much more destructive and devastating than a collision involving two passenger vehicles. The sheer difference in size and weight between a tractor-trailer and […]

David Brose
January 19, 2018

Safety Alert: My First Doll Recall and its Dangers to Children

Defective products are not limited to vehicles, drugs, medical devices and other products that harm adults. In the latest consumer product to hit news for being […]

Mark Emison
December 28, 2017

Three Surprising Stats on the Dangers of Railroad Crossings

Though we are taught at an early age to look both ways before crossing the street, many adult motorists take for granted that a train […]

Mark Emison
December 20, 2017

Underride Guards Can Save Lives

Underride guards on tractor-trailers are a necessity on America’s highways to protect people in trucking accidents. It is well known among those experienced in trucking accident […]

David Brose