Railroad Accidents

Once every two hours, a train strikes a vehicle or pedestrian at a railroad crossing somewhere in the United States. With thousands of pounds of freight and a high rate of velocity, the damages are catastrophic and can mean horrific damages or death. These cases can be highly complex and railroad companies have an established history of vigorously defending claims.

A collision at a railroad crossing may be governed by the laws of negligence and civil torts in the state where the accident happened, or, in other cases, federal regulatory safety standards may preempt the state claim and govern the lawsuit. Even where federal statutes appear to occupy the field, narrow exceptions may exist for an attorney to pursue a claim in state court. Experience in general personal injury law, knowledge of the complex and ever-changing federal regulations, and familiarity with federal/state preemption issues, are all crucial in the preparation and execution of any railroad case.

Langdon & Emison has represented clients nationwide who have suffered serious injuries or lost a loved one in an accident involving a train. Our attorneys are knowledgeable about how to successfully navigate the complicated lines of state and federal law involved. The firm has successfully obtained multimillion-dollar settlements on behalf of train accident victims and their families, and our attorneys are currently representing several families of fatal train accidents. See featured cases.

If you have been seriously injured or lost a loved one in a railroad accident, contact Langdon & Emison to send a message to the railroad companies to let them know you and your attorney are not afraid to fight to recover the damage you are entitled to.