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Once every two hours, a train strikes a vehicle or pedestrian at a railroad crossing somewhere in the United States. With thousands of pounds of freight and a high rate of speed, these types of accidents inevitably result in catastrophic injuries or death.

Langdon & Emison – one of the nation’s leading personal injury law firms – has taken on nearly every major railroad in cases involving railroad crossings that were not properly maintained or lacked adequate warning systems and crossing guards. Our attorneys have deep experience navigating the complex laws that govern railroad accidents and taking on railroad companies that have a history of vigorously defending themselves.

We’ve Won Millions for Train Accident Victims and their Families

Victims of train accidents and their families turn to Langdon & Emison because we have a proven track record of success. For more than 30 years, our firm has obtained millions for train accident victims and their families in cases nationwide. Below is one case example:

Case Example: Lewis v. Iowa, Chicago & Eastern Railroad, Railroad Crossing Collision, $3.275 million settlement

Tearcyn Lewis was a passenger in a vehicle driven by Phillip Webb near Chillicothe, Mo. The vehicle was struck on the passenger side by an IC&E locomotive at a railroad crossing equipped only with a cross buck sign and with no warning lights or gates. Tearcyn was killed when the train struck the vehicle.

Relevant Publications

Emison, Brett. “Forget the Bells and Whistles: Know the Rules for Staying Clear of Passing Trains.” The Safety Report.


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