Vaping Lawsuits

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JUUL vape pens have been aggressively advertised to teenage consumers nationwide, often with the sales pitch of being a “safe alternative to smoking.”  But these JUUL vaping pens have been found to be potentially fatal devices, and pose numerous health risks to Americans.

Besides the well-established side effects of nicotine intake, vape pens can cause seizures and respiratory problems including popcorn lung. Additionally, the Surgeon General blames JUUL vape pens for a new wave of youth nicotine addiction, which leads to adult smoking and causes a variety of health problems. And vaping has now been identified as a public health threat by the FDA.

Who would be eligible to file a vaping lawsuit?

Anyone who has suffered from vape pen side effects may be entitled to compensation through filing a vape pen lawsuit.  These side effects can include child vaping addiction, popcorn lung or other lung illnesses, death or seizures. All individuals or their family members are eligible for a free no-obligation review of their potential case with one of our lawyers who have been handling national JUUL lawsuits.

What are e-cigarettes?

The e-cigarette industry has experienced tremendous growth in recent years, with an estimated 3.7% of the adult U.S. population using vape pens. First released in this country in 2007, e-cigarettes were not regulated by the FDA until 2016. A large portion of JUUL Labs is owned by the Altria corporation – JUUL possesses 70% market share, and has been criticized for targeting children and teens.  The e-cigarette market is expected to exceed $86 billion by the year 2025.

Today, JUUL faces serious questions regarding their marketing of vape pens. People who have been harmed by JUUL and other vape pens are now filing JUUL vape lawsuits against the manufacturers of these products, in pursuit of damages for JUUL youth nicotine addiction, seizure, and e-cig popcorn lung,

JUUL has been marketed as a lifestyle choice without warning of the health risks, and these faulty vape pens have also been prone to explosion.  

Why is the JUUL Vape Pen dangerous?

There are a number of serious health risks associated with the JUUL vape pen. The largest of these is the risk of nicotine addiction within children.  The number of teens across the country currently using these devices has risen to more than 3 million according to the latest CDC report. 

Many of those young people are unaware of the nicotine addiction risk. High nicotine doses also can result in seizures from using the vaping pen. People who have suffered from JUUL vape side effects may be eligible for compensation through filing a vape pen lawsuit against JUUL Labs. JUUL effectively marketed these products in a way that makes vaping seem completely removed from the risks of smoking, which is not true. 

What has the FDA said?

The FDA Vape Warning stated that children’s addiction to nicotine is a public health emergency, and named JUUL as the primary cause.  JUUL vape pens’ fruity flavors, bright colors, and youth-directed social media marketing were cited as illicit marketing to hook a new generation into addiction. Federal regulators also say vaping seizures are currently under investigation. High nicotine doses also result in seizures from JUUL.

Our lawyers managing vaping lawsuits nationwide have a long track record of success against manufacturers of dangerous drugs and dangerous medical devices.  We have taken on some of the nation’s largest product manufacturers and won – over our more than 30 years in practice, we have obtained compensation for families harmed when corporations put profits over safety. In our handling of vape addiction and JUUL seizure cases we are helping individuals recover the compensation they need and deserve.  For more information about your potential lawsuit against JUUL or any other vaping device, you can click the chat button on the lower right side of this screen, you can contact us online here, or you can call our toll-free number any time at 1-800-397-4910.