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19 Nov defective medical device lawsuit

FDA Regulating Medical Devices

What happens when a public health agency forfeits responsibility and allows medical device manufacturers to police themselves? As recent third-party assessments reveal, manufacturers become emboldened […]

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11 Nov michael politte

Wrongful Conviction Case Moves Forward

Michael Politte, who is represented pro bono by the Midwest Innocence Project, MacArthur Justice Center  and Langdon & Emison, has had a busy 2021 as […]

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05 Nov depression after car accident

Depression After a Car Accident

Depression after a car accident is not as well-known or well-studied as anxiety after a car accident or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The limited amount […]

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22 Oct where can I report a car seat defect

Where can I report a car seat defect?

Listen up, parents and caregivers: Did you know that you play an important role in product safety? You have the power to report vehicle problems […]

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08 Oct toy defects

Common Toy Defects and Related Injuries

It’s an unfortunate reality, but hundreds of children are injured each year by toy defects. If your child was injured by a toy or item […]

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30 Sep

612 Tire-Related Fatalities Reported in Most Recent Year’s Data

NHTSA has come out with its most recent stats on tire-related crashes in America.  The results can be seen in the below infographic.  Loss of […]

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