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Have you been in a car accident, slipped and fallen at your local Hy-Vee, gotten sick from contaminated food, or been hurt on the job? You could be eligible to file a claim for personal injury compensation.

With a personal injury claim, you could get the money you need to cover your medical care, lost wages from time missed at work, and consideration for the pain and suffering from your injuries.

The skilled attorneys with Langdon & Emison can demand the fair compensation you deserve after being hurt. Contact us today at (866) 931-2115 for a free consultation.

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Have you been in a car accident, slipped and fallen at your local Hy-Vee, gotten sick from contaminated food, or been hurt on the job? You could be eligible to file a claim for personal injury compensation.

With a personal injury claim, you could get the money you need to cover your medical care, lost wages from time missed at work, and consideration for the pain and suffering from your injuries.

The skilled attorneys with Langdon & Emison can demand the fair compensation you deserve after being hurt. Contact us today at (866) 931-2115 for a free consultation.

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Our personal injury practice areas

Personal injury claims cover various situations and injuries. The following are just a few common personal injuries for which we help clients pursue compensation.

Car accidents

Car wrecks can happen anytime, whether commuting into the city center or simply out on errands. Car accident injuries can change your life, and the healing can affect your career and family.

Truck accidents

Semi-truck accidents are complicated personal injury cases. The injuries from being hit by an 80,000-pound vehicle can change your life, leaving you permanently disabled. Plus, truck accident cases may have multiple defendants, which complicates matters.

Spinal cord injury

Many spinal cord injury victims face months of painful treatment and rehabilitation, with full recovery only somewhat likely. We help you get the money you need for medical care, rehabilitative therapy, and any modifications to your home or vehicle.

Brain injury

A traumatic brain injury can change your life. You may have compromised cognitive ability or difficulty with physical activities you used to enjoy. Many brain injury victims have trouble returning to work or school, and those injured most severely may be unable to live independently.

Our hard work pays off for clients

The Langdon & Emison legal team is dedicated to protecting the rights of people who have been hurt through no fault of their own. You’re in good hands when you work with an accident lawyer in Independence Missouri from our firm. We’re tenacious, knowledgeable, and ready to handle even the most complicated personal injury cases.

Our results speak for themselves. We get to know each client, their unique situation, and their needs. From there, we craft a solid case against the at-fault party to secure the maximum settlement for the case.

How much does it cost to hire a personal injury lawyer in Independence?

Like many others in Independence, our personal injury lawyers work on a contingency basis. This means that we only get paid if we win your case. We take care of all the legal costs upfront, giving you quality representation. Our fees come from any settlement or jury award received.

What should I do after being hurt?

Always take care of your health first. This may mean calling 911 right after an accident or going to your nearest urgent care clinic. Then, depending on your situation, follow these steps:

1. Report the incident

You may need to notify your employer of a workplace injury, a property owner if you’re injured because of unsafe conditions on the premises, or the police if you’re in a car wreck or get bitten by a dog. If you’re in a car accident, even if it’s not your fault, you probably have to report it to your insurance company.

2. Take plenty of photos

Photos and videos preserve evidence, like the extent of your injuries and the scene of the accident. Take as many pictures or videos as you can and give them to your lawyer.

3. Gather witness contact information

If you were somewhere where you know the witnesses, like at work, jot down their names. If you were hurt in public, ask people around you if you can get their names and numbers so you and your lawyer can follow up later.

4. Seek medical attention

You must have a medical evaluation right after an accident, even if you aren’t in a lot of pain. Many people excuse their symptoms as being “just shaken up,” and so they might not go to a doctor until days later when they start hurting.

Your post-accident medical records are critical for your case. They link your injury to the accident, show how badly you were injured, and show the total amount of your medical costs, which you can be compensated for.

Most importantly, the quicker you get seen by a doctor, the better your prognosis for healing is.

5. Keep a record of your expenses

Save everything related to the accident. This includes all statements from medical care, travel receipts when you have to go to your doctor or a specialist, and receipts for durable medical devices or prescription medications.

You should also save your paycheck stubs. Even if you’re not working because you have to recuperate from your injuries, you’re still entitled to compensation for all time missed at work. If you took sick pay or PTO, you can still get compensated for that.

Keep your property damage estimates, like an estimate from an auto body shop or the cost of replacing a broken phone or a lost watch or jewelry.

6. Hire a personal injury lawyer in Independence

You deserve quality legal advice so you can make the right decisions for your case. An Independence, MO personal injury lawyer can tell you about your rights and represent you in all legal matters.

Your lawyer can also talk to the other party, their lawyer, and their insurance company for you. In these conversations, your lawyer ensures your interests are protected, so you can recover from the accident in peace.

How long do I have to file a claim?

The statute of limitations for a personal injury case in Missouri is five years from the accident date.

Exceptions to the rule in Missouri

There are a couple of exceptions:

  • Minors and mentally incapacitated people have five years from the date they are determined competent or the date they turn 21
  • In cases of medical misdiagnosis, the plaintiff has five years from the date they discovered the injury
  • Suits against a government entity must be filed within 90 days

What damages can I claim?

Missouri personal injury laws permit plaintiffs to recover several types of compensation.

Economic damages

This is your actual financial losses, like medical bills, lost wages, property damage, and loss of earning potential if you cannot continue in your former line of work because your injuries are too severe.

Non-economic damages

These are intangible losses like pain and suffering from your injuries, emotional trauma from the incident, and loss of quality of life are hard to put a dollar value on. You’re still entitled to be compensated for the effect of the accident on your life.

What should I look for in a good personal injury attorney?

Experience, results, and compassion. A good Missouri personal injury attorney will listen to you and be a solid advocate for your claim. Depending on your situation, you should also consider these qualities when hiring a Missouri personal injury law firm:

Experience with your specific injury

If you are in a semi-truck wreck, you need a law firm with experience navigating Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) rules and other complications in a commercial vehicle accident.

Or, perhaps you have a specific injury, like a brain injury, or are permanently disabled. Attorneys experienced in your specific type of personal injury case often have the knowledge and resources other lawyers may not.

Track record

How many cases like yours has the attorney won? Do they usually settle out of court, or do they prefer going to trial? What is their average settlement for a case like yours?


You can learn more about Missouri personal injury lawyers on the Missouri Bar Association website, which lists any disciplinary actions the lawyer may have received and their educational background. You can also ask for referrals from friends, family, or other professionals.

Trial experience

Personal injury trials can be grueling and unpredictable. The defense will try to attack your story and question your integrity. This can be very stressful, especially if you’re dealing with a disability after the accident.

Ask your lawyer what their trial strategy is and how many cases they’ve tried in civil court.


How often will you receive updates about your case? Will you get an email or a phone call? Who can you reach out to with questions? Will you be able to speak with your attorney, or will you be talking to a paralegal? All of this is important to know before choosing a firm.

Personal compatibility

You’re going to be working with your lawyer for months, so finding someone you trust and that you’re compatible with is essential. Don’t be afraid to book consultations with a few lawyers in the area until you find one you’re comfortable with.

We’ll fight the insurance company to get you maximum compensation

The Independence personal injury lawyers at Langdon & Emison know how to properly value your personal injury case, and we’re tenacious. We demand maximum compensation from the at-fault party’s insurance company, so you get every dollar you are entitled to.

Who’s liable for my injury?

We thoroughly investigate your claim to determine the liable party or parties. It could be one of the following, for example:

Other drivers

Many personal injury cases are car accident cases, so the driver who struck you could be liable for your injuries and property damage.

Property owners or managers

In premises liability claims, like slip-and-fall accidents, it’s usually the responsibility of the property owner or manager to ensure the property is safe for visitors and guests.

Government entities

Yes, you can file a suit against a government entity. For example, if you lived on a military base and were exposed to contaminated water, you could have grounds to file a suit. Or, if you slipped and fell at the DMV or Post Office, you could name a government entity as the defendant in a premises liability suit.

Doctors or other medical professionals

If you were misdiagnosed with a disease or the victim of a medical error, you could have grounds for a medical malpractice suit against a doctor, nurse, or the healthcare facility where you received treatment.

Other parties may be liable

Any party whose negligence causes harm and financial loss to another person could be liable in a personal injury lawsuit. We’ll work with you to determine all liable parties and hold them accountable.

How our injury attorneys prove liability

Liability is based on proving negligence. This four-prong legal concept is the crux of all personal injury cases. Each element must be met to prove the defendant was negligent and, therefore, liable for your injuries.

1. Duty of care

The defendant is responsible for ensuring your safety, like driving safely and following traffic laws, maintaining your property for safety, following the standard of care expected of a medical professional, or making sure a defective consumer product isn’t released to the market.

2. Breach of duty:

The defendant failed to uphold their duty of care through negligent actions or inaction.

3. Causation

This breach of their duty of care toward you caused the accident and your injuries.

4. Damages

You suffered financial loss because of the accident and injury.

What’s the personal injury lawsuit process?

Although the specific details of your case will be unique, the lawsuit process may go like this:

1. Contact the defendant(s)

Your attorney may send a Demand Letter to the other party, stating your injuries and their liability, and asking for a specific dollar amount to settle the case.

2. Gather evidence

You and your attorney collect evidence like photos, witness statements, safety records, or personnel records of the defendant.

3. Negotiate out of court

Most personal injury cases are settled out of court, often in mediation. These are structured, guided negotiations.

4. Initiate court proceedings

If you cannot compromise with the other party, the case moves to civil court.

Why do I need to go to the doctor?

Your health matters most. Prompt medical attention can give you the best chance for a full recovery. Many injuries may not present symptoms right away, like internal bleeding, soft tissue damage (strains and muscle sprain), hairline fractures, brain injuries, or torn ligaments. A doctor can evaluate you and determine the extent of your injuries.

Your post-accident medical records also link your injuries to the accident or exposure. To prove that you deserve compensation, you must prove that you were injured in the incident. Going to the doctor right after the event creates a paper trail linking your injuries and medical costs to the accident.

Why should I hire Langdon & Emison?

Langdon & Emison is a well-respected Missouri personal injury law firm with decades of combined experience helping injured people just like you.

We’ve been in business for over 30 years, and in that time, our Independence personal injury attorneys have been continuously recognized as Lawyer of the Year and Top Lawyer in their respective practice areas.

Every year, our law firm is recognized as one of the nation’s leading personal injury law firms by the U.S. News & World Report and other professional organizations.

Our Independence personal injury lawyers are here to help

Do you think you have a personal injury claim? Are you ready to learn your legal options and recover the money you need to pay for your expenses after an accident?

Call us at (866) 931-2115 or complete our online contact form. The Langdon & Emison Missouri personal injury lawyers are ready to fight for you – today. Don’t wait. Time is short. We offer a free consultation and case review.

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