Defective Tires

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When tires blow out, the consequences for motorists can be grave. Tire failure can cause loss of vehicle control, leading to collisions with other vehicles, impacts with stationary objects or rollovers that cause catastrophic injury or death.

Unfortunately, design and manufacturing defects are often hidden until the moment a tire actually fails. Additionally, all tires deteriorate, and older tires have a much higher risk of failure than new tires with similar wear and tread depth; yet, retailers continue to sell aged tires to innocent consumers who may not know they are dangerous.

We’ve Recovered Millions for Clients in Defective Tire Cases

$23.4 million – Castillo v. Ford, Vehicle Rollover/Tire Detread Case

A Ford Explorer rolled over several times when the left tire detreaded, causing the vehicle to tramp and skate, run off the highway and roll down a steep embankment where it came to rest after hitting a tree. The accident caused the driver to suffer catastrophic injuries and quadriplegia. Langdon & Emison obtained a confidential settlement with the tire manufacturer in addition to the $23.4 million jury verdict for the vehicle rollover.


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