Metal-on-Metal Hip Replacements

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Langdon & Emison represents clients nationwide in lawsuits involving defective artificial hips and continues to accept new cases. The firm has litigated matters involving metal-on-metal hip devices made by the following hip manufacturers:

  • Biomet.
  • DePuy.
  • Smith & Nephew.
  • Stryker.
  • Wright.

What is wrong with metal-on-metal hip replacement devices?

More than 500,000 patients in the United States were implanted with artificial metal-on-metal hip implants, also known as all-metal hips, during replacement surgery; however, thousands of patients have suffered serious injuries after implantation.

Device manufacturers claim the metal hip implants – which include ball-and-socket components made from metals like cobalt and chromium – are more durable and provide greater range of motion than earlier models made from combinations of ceramics, plastic and metal.

Yet, simple activities, like walking, can cause the hip implant components to rub against each other and shed metal debris into the bloodstream, leaving implant recipients with elevated and dangerous levels of cobalt and chromium, also known as metallosis. The all-metal hip implants also have been prone to fail early, requiring patients to undergo revision surgery.

What symptoms are associated with a defective all-metal hip implant?

The following symptoms could indicate a serious problem with your artificial hip implant:

  • Chronic, severe pain in the hip, thigh or groin.
  • Inflammation or swelling.
  • Difficulty walking or standing.
  • Development of tumors.
  • Loosening of the hip implant.
  • Dislocation of the implant.
  • Fracture of the bone around the implant.

Do I have a metal-on-metal hip lawsuit?

Langdon & Emison is accepting hip injury cases in all 50 states. We will review your potential claim at no cost or obligation to you. If you or someone you know has been injured after hip replacement surgery, contact our firm for a free consultation at 800-397-4910 or complete an online form.


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