February 22, 2019

Roadway Design Hazards Analyzed in New Article Published by AIEG Voice

Brennan Delaney authored a piece on the ramifications of automobile crashes, and ways to assist clients in attempting to recover for the deaths and injuries that result from them. Sometimes in evaluating the claims against drivers, and the product claims regarding vehicles involved, attorneys might miss the road itself as a potential avenue of recovery.

Langdon Emison
February 20, 2019

Kent Emison, Michael Serra Published on Guardrail Dangers

The analysis and commentary of Kent Emison and Michael Serra were featured in this winter’s edition of AIEG Voice magazine, this time on defective guardrails.

Langdon Emison
January 9, 2017

L&E’s Mark Emison Authors Article on Roadway Signage Hazards

Langdon & Emison attorney Mark Emison published an article recently on establishing liability in roadway signage cases. The article, “Signage and Traffic Control Defects in Catastrophic Injury Cases,” appeared in the 2016 Winter Edition of AIEGVoice, a publication of the Attorneys Information Exchange Group.

Langdon Emison