Defective Aftermarket Vehicle Lawsuits

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Did a Defective Aftermarket Vehicle Cause Your Traffic Accident?

When an aftermarket vehicle, such as a recreational vehicle (RV) or limousine, is involved in an accident, often times a defect is the cause and the resulting injuries are catastrophic. Modifications made to a vehicle after it leaves the original manufacturer are considered “aftermarket.”

It is common for consumers or businesses to unknowingly purchase vehicles that have been substantially changed from their original manufactured condition – either because aftermarket or salvage parts were used during repairs, or because the vehicle itself was modified before put into use. These changes are particularly common in:

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We Have Won Millions for Clients in Defective Aftermarket Vehicle Cases

Many times aftermarket vehicle defects are not identified and lawsuits are not pursued, which results in a missed opportunity to obtain the compensation you need to recover from your injuries. For more than three decades, clients and referring attorneys across the country have relied on Langdon & Emison to identify and litigate aftermarket vehicle cases. The example below demonstrates our experience in this area of practice.

Jury verdict, Defective Camper Trailer, Ludwick v. United Expresslines
A family of four was asphyxiated in their RV trailer while attending and participating in automobile races at the Mid-American Raceway near Wentzville, Mo. Langdon & Emison’s legal team successfully showed that the trailer was defectively designed and manufactured and failed to incorporate warning systems for the detection of carbon monoxide gas.
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