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For more than 30 years, Langdon & Emison has represented people who have been injured or lost loved ones due to defective ambulances and other types of modified vehicles. Ambulances comprise what is known as incomplete, aftermarket or modified vehicles because typically they are designed, assembled and manufactured in at least two separate stages by at least two separate manufacturers. Many producers of ambulances do not test their products for safety.

Langdon & Emison has represented clients in a number of cases involving ambulances with structural defects. This is one example of a case we successfully resolved.

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Ambulance Case
A man was killed when an ambulance overturned and essentially disintegrated. The “box” structure housing the patient and medical personnel was not structurally robust and fell apart around the occupants during the accident. The manufacturer never tested the structure to determine whether it would survive a collision.

How Defectives Ambulances Can Cause Issues

Injured people rely on first responders to arrive promptly to the scene of an accident and transport them safely by ambulance to a hospital where they can receive medical attention and care; however, many ambulances have been substantially modified from their original manufactured condition, which can drastically affect their handling, suspension, propensity to rollover and other aspects of their performance and safety. It is also common for ambulances to have structural problems involving the roof, axle or other vehicle components.

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