Defective Child Seats

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How are Defective Child Seats Dangerous?

Despite parents’ diligence in purchasing and installing safe car seats for their children, dangerous designs and faulty manufacturing continue to cause car seats to fail at critical moments, resulting in serious injury or death to children. In the event such a tragedy occurs, Langdon & Emison can help families hold the child seat manufacturer responsible.

For more than 30 years, Langdon & Emison has represented families whose children have been seriously injured or have died because a car seat or other product they trusted was unsafe and defective in some way. Our attorneys have deep experience identifying product defects and successfully litigating cases involving child safety seats. Below is one example of a case we handled and won:

Child Car Seat Design Defect Case, Lawson v. Century Child Seats and General Motors
A young child suffered serious brain damage while riding in a car seat during a head-on collision. Every other person involved in the collision walked away with minor injuries. The legal team successfully argued that the car seat’s design, which included the placement of an overhead shield in front of the child made head impact inevitable in the collision and caused the child to suffer a serious brain injury. The case resulted in a confidential settlement.
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