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For more than 30 years, Langdon & Emison has successfully represented injured clients and their families in cases involving defective conversion and passenger vans. This is one example of our work in this area of practice.

Case Example
15-Passenger Van Case
Langdon & Emison successfully resolved a case involving a woman who was severely injured in a 15-passenger van accident. After an arduous 15-day shift working as a towboat Cook, Shonny Munz was riding in an employer-provided van. The driver, who was traveling too fast for the conditions, lost control and the van rolled over several times. The case focused on the defendant’s violations of numerous Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations as well as the traumatic brain inujury Ms. Munz suffered from the accident.

What is a Conversion Van?

A conversion van is a passenger van made in part by major automobile manufacturers but modified or completed by a van conversion company. Typically, these vehicles have been equipped with trim upgrades such as captain’s chairs, paneling, raised roofs, sofa chairs, and even television sets, fold-out beds, kitchens and bathrooms.

How is a Defective Conversion Van Dangerous?

Unfortunately for the consumer, the conversion van industry frequently compromises the safety of these products. Many conversion outfits lack specialized knowledge in auto product manufacturing and are unaware of their safety obligations under the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. When conversion companies add trim upgrades and other luxuries to a conversion van, they often take something else basic vehicle safety features.

Similarly, passenger vans – many of which can hold up to 15 people – are often unsafe, but are commonly used for church, youth sports functions and other group activities. In our practice, we have seen many crashes occur because passenger vans have a tendency to roll over and they are difficult to control in emergencies. Safety loopholes also exempt 15-passenger vans from critical safety requirements.

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