Driver Fatigue Accidents

For more than three decades, Langdon & Emison has successfully represented victims of trucking accidents and their families and has won millions of dollars on their behalf. To work with us or for a free case evaluation, contact our firm at 866-931-2115 or click below.

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Lawyers for Truck Driver Fatigue Accidents

Driver fatigue is one of the leading causes of trucking accidents that result in catastrophic injury or death. One study found that crashes involving drowsy truck drivers were more severe, with a fatality-to-crash ratio that was nearly two times greater than those involving passenger vehicles.

Langdon & Emison has deep experience in determining whether fatigue played a role in causing a trucking accident. Our trucking accident attorneys have specialized expertise and knowledge of the:

  • Causes and effects of fatigue.
  • Sources of evidence supporting the role of fatigue.
  • Federal regulations that intend to combat the role of fatigue in trucking accidents.


Millions Recovered for Truck Driver Fatigue Victims

Langdon & Emison represented the family of a man who was tragically killed when the tractor-trailer truck he was driving was struck by another tractor-trailer that was operated by a fatigued driver.

Reagan v. Dunaway Timber
Langdon & Emison successfully showed that the driver of the striking tractor-trailer had 5.5 hours of rest before starting an 11-hour trip from Terra Haute, Ind., to Yelleville, Ark. During this case, federal laws allowed a truck driver to drive up to 11 hours in one day only if he or she had 10 consecutive hours off-duty before starting at trip.
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