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The Danger of Gas Explosions

When a gas explosion occurs, typically it is caused by the negligence of an individual or company. Gas explosions occur when a gas leak is combined with an ignition source; in most cases, the explosion is caused by a defect in the design, manufacture or installation of a gas source or by improper inspection and maintenance.

Unfortunately, gas explosions in buildings and residences often cause catastrophic injuries, deaths and property damage each year. For more than 30 years, the attorneys at Langdon & Emison have represented victims of gas explosions and their families. People nationwide turn to Langdon & Emison for one reason: We win.

We’ve Recovered Millions for Gas Explosion Victims and Their Families

Langdon & Emison has successfully recovered millions of dollars for victims of gas explosions and their families. Below is a sample recovery we obtained on behalf of a client.

$3.75 million recovery, Patterson v. Confidential Defendant

A family residing in the northeast portion of the United States was awakened by a devastating propane explosion that blew the home apart and propelled family members into the air and back down in the fiery debris. They suffered severe and permanent injuries and burns to their bodies.

The explosion was caused by a rogue 325-gallon propane gas tank that was placed on the property for a prior owner and was filled three years prior to the family moving into the residence. Langdon & Emison successfully showed evidence that the propane company ignored a minimum of seven requests by various owners to have the propane tank removed over a seven-year period.

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