How do truck accident investigations work?

One reason why so many firms urge you to hire a lawyer as soon as you can is that time is of the essence. The investigation needs to begin as soon as possible after the accident before critical evidence disappears. This evidence could significantly increase your chances of obtaining full compensation. Keep reading for more from a skilled St. Louis truck accident attorney.

truck accident investigations

The investigation

Gathering evidence

Truck accident investigations typically begin by establishing the accident scene. Your St. Louis truck accident lawyer can go to the location of the accident and start gathering physical evidence.

Photos and visual evidence

For example, they may take pictures of skid marks on the road. These skid marks could indicate the truck was going too fast, and the driver had to slam on their brakes in an effort to avoid hitting you. Your attorney may also speak with owners or employees of nearby businesses who might have security cameras that witnessed the accident.

Event data recorders

Collecting evidence could also include getting data from the truck’s event data recorder (EDR), commonly referred to as the “black box.” This EDR data can provide critical information on how the truck was operating at the time of the crash. The EDR, for instance, can show the speed at which the truck was moving, tire pressure, whether or not the brakes were applied, and much more.

Speaking with witnesses

Interviews are another key component of truck accident investigations. Your attorney can speak with eyewitnesses to get their account of how the accident took place. Witnesses can provide critical information, such as whether or not the truck was weaving, or if they heard screeching brakes.

Attorneys will often speak to the truck driver, too. Truckers will sometimes admit they were driving while fatigued. If there are any other involved parties, such as other motorists or passengers in the truck, your attorney will also speak with them.

Assessing the damage

The next step will usually involve assessing the damage to all of the vehicles. Your lawyer will look at the damage to your car, the truck, and likely all other involved vehicles. They’ll look for any evidence of a critical component such as a failure with a component of the truck like a tire or the braking system.

They will also begin to assess the physical, emotional, and mental damages that were caused by the accident. This can be done by reviewing your medical records and even by talking to you to gauge and understand how the accident has affected you and your everyday life.

Analyzing the evidence

Finally, your attorney will perform a detailed analysis of all the evidence they obtain. Once that analysis is done, they’ll know how the accident occurred and who was to blame. Your lawyer will then take the steps needed to pursue compensation from all liable parties.

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