Adam Graves Offers Five Practical Tips for Car Accident Victims

Langdon & Emison partner Adam Graves in a recent blog post offered tips for consumers when injured in an auto accident.

According to Graves, there is a large number of auto accident cases in the U.S. each year. Whether the cases are simple legal matters or complicated personal injury cases, there are five common mistakes that car accident victims should avoid.

  • Don’t sign away the farm. In other words, do not sign any documents from the at-fault insurance company until you check with your lawyer.
  • Stay off social media. Opposing attorneys and insurance adjusters will investigate all of your social media accounts to find any content that can help them avoid taking responsibility for the negligence or action that caused your injury.
  • Someone might be watching you. Insurance companies – whether yours or the one representing the driver at fault – may conduct surveillance and hire investigators to take photos and videos of you. If you’re caught doing something that you claim you cannot do, then your argument – or case – will be weakened.
  • Stop talking. Do not talk with an opposing lawyer or insurance adjuster. Have them contact your lawyer instead.
  • Doctor visits. If your physician refers you to a new doctor, or sends you to take a new test, it’s smart to tell your auto accident attorney right away.  This information could affect your case.

To read more about these tips, visit Adam Graves’ blog post here.

About Adam Graves

Adam Graves is a partner at Langdon & Emison. An experienced trial attorney, Adam represents clients in personal injury litigation throughout the United States. His practice focuses on complex personal injury and product liability claims involving defective auto and consumer products as well as nursing home abuse litigation.

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