David Brose, Mark Emison Published on “Five Theories to Explore in Your Trucking Case”

“Five Theories to Explore in Your Trucking Case” was published by AIEG Voice magazine. The piece is written by attorneys David Brose and Mark Emison, and looks at ways to navigate hurdles related to inadequate insurance in trucking accidents.

Sadly, attempts to increase motor carriers’ minimum financial responsibility levels have not yet succeeded. We have all represented catastrophically injured clients where the most obvious wrongdoer was not properly insured.  Many times, there may end up being no viable potential claims to pursue, but at least your clients have peace of mind that all potential avenues have been investigated.

In this analytical article the authors look into truck fires, rollovers, product claims in trucking accidents, underride guards, and other potential avenues for recovery in a truck accident case.  Both attorneys have been representing clients nationwide in trucking cases for more than a decade.  They both practice in the firm’s Lexington, Mo., office.

The Attorneys Information Exchange Group is a plaintiff lawyer organization with a long history of supporting members involved in product defect cases by giving them unparalleled access to research, documents and knowledge. AIEG Voice is its quarterly publication featuring hot topics and current trends in the fields of civil litigation related to personal injury law.

You can read the article in full by clicking here.