Fox4 Broadcast Highlights L&E Settlement in Murder Case

Partner Brett Emison was interviewed in this in-depth segment on the recent settlement Langdon & Emison obtained on behalf of a family who lost their two sons.

The lawsuit alleged that J4s Farm Enterprises was negligent because it should have warned the two men that one of its employees was a danger — the brothers’ remains were found in Missouri and Nebraska.

The lawsuit filed by the firm argued that J4s Enterprises owed the brothers $250,000 for cattle and tried to pay with a check so damaged it couldn’t be cashed. They were then invited to come to Braymer, Mo., to collect the money in person and inspect the cattle. The eldest brother, Nick Diemel, left behind four children.

I’m so happy for what we’ve been able to do and provide some support and relief. But there’s no amount of money that will ever fill the void that has been left in that family.

– Brett Emison, from the Fox4 interview