How Negligent Property Owners Can Lead to Increases in Fire-Related Injury & Deaths

Most Americans have heard of the Jan. 9 Bronx apartment fire that killed 15 and left hundreds more without a place to call home. But a cramped city of millions isn’t the only place where deadly fires rage. 

In less than two weeks since the tragedy in the Bronx, several fires have engulfed homes across Kansas City, leaving one family without their young daughter and several others without a place to live.

As climate change progresses, experts suggest that storms will become more frequent and more intense, such as Winter Storm Izzy which barrelled through the Midwest last week. Fluctuating temperatures and extreme cold often cause damage to heating units, pipes, and electrical facilities Kansas Citians rely on to stay warm. 

Unfortunately, some landlords are ignoring the threat, neglecting their properties and failing to repair broken heating units. 

When someone’s heater doesn’t work and their landlord won’t fix it, they may go out and purchase a space heater or even use their oven to heat the apartment, as residents did at the Harvard Court Apartments in Kansas City.

Owners have an obligation to keep their properties safe. If they create an unsafe environment by failing to take care of important maintenance, the tenant may exercise their legal rights and withhold rent until repairs are made. 

Depending on the circumstances, you may be able to take additional legal action against the owner or property management company.

For over 30 years, Langdon & Emison has represented people who were injured by negligent utility companies, property managers, apartment complexes, and other parties. In holding negligent parties accountable for their actions, we defend injured clients and make sure they get every penny of the compensation they deserve. 

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