L&E Paralegals Share Their Superpowers at AIEG Seminar

Langdon & Emison paralegals, Rachel Ahmann and Rayna Wulfekotter, shared their superpowers recently with paralegals nationwide, showing them how to become Wonder Woman when battling for medical records.

Th dynamic duo spoke to nearly 100 attendees of the 2018 AIEG Paralegal Seminar about the ins and outs of HITECH requests and how to implement a process that saves law firms and clients thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars. The conference took place Feb. 22-23 at the Hotel Valencia Riverwalk in San Antonio.

Not only did Rachel and Rayna give a great presentation, but they also provided attendees with an extensive resource packet that outlined anything and everything they need to know about HITECH requests. After the presentation, several paralegals shared their excitement about taking the packets back to their firms and some even requested extras.


Since returning to the office, Rachel and Rayna have received many emails with follow-up questions about how to properly implement the process outlined in their presentation. These caped crusaders enjoyed the opportunity to share Langdon & Emison’s success stories regarding record requests and to help others implement a process that can save their law firms and clients money.

While Rachel and Rayna did a tremendous job representing Langdon & Emison, they insist their presentation simply highlighted the great work of L&E’s legal assistants, even including on one slide a photo of the legal assistants, who they call “The Real Superheroes.”

Congratulations to Rachel and Rayna on a job well done!