When Power Lines Shock: Blog Post Examines Electrical Injuries & Why They Occur

Langdon & Emison partner David Brose authored a blog post about the dangers of overhead power lines and the commonality of electrocutions and electrical injuries. The article was published on The Kansas City Legal Examiner.

According to Brose, electrocutions are the second leading cause of death in the construction industry and the fifth leading cause of work-related deaths. Although the National Electrical Safety Code sets forth national standards regarding clearance requirements – the distance overhead power lines must be from the ground and other structures – utilities often fail to meet those standards.

Common issues associated with electrical injuries include lack of adequate training for workers as well as the failure of power lines to de-energize when contact occurs.

Most lines are equipped with de-energization equipment designed to shut off the electrical current when contact with power lines occurs. Such equipment limits electrical exposure to a fraction of a second, rather than several seconds. In addition, recloser manufacturers require utilities to test the equipment after a certain number of years.

“If utilities do not properly test and maintain de-energization equipment, individuals can be exposed to 20 to 25 times the period of electrical shock going through their bodies,” Brose writes. “This can be the difference between life and death or losing a limb.”

Brose tells the story of a Langdon & Emison client whose suffered extensive burns and other severe injuries from an electrical shock injury he sustained when transferring power lines. Read more about what caused his injuries and why the utility was at fault.

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