Lithium Batteries Pose Risk of Serious Injury

Power sources for electronic devices with rechargeable batteries, such as phones, laptops, tables and even e-cigarettes, have fallen under criticism recently as injury cases are mounting due to overheating batteries. Third-party batteries will likely void a manufacturer’s warranty, but they can make devices overheat, catch fire or explode.

Lithium batteries also can be ingested by children. In 2010, for instance, one study found that more than 3,400 kids swallowed these button-size batteries. It is an emergency if you think your child has swallowed one, and he or she needs to be taken to the emergency room right away.

This year the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia stated that more than 80 children in the United States have died from ingesting lithium batteries.

Keeping these dangerous batteries out of harm’s reach is an important first step in safeguarding children. Even when lithium batteries are used for the intended purpose, they can prove unsafe.

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