NBC News Investigation Uncovers Dangers of Blood Clot Filter

A recent NBC News investigation raised serious questions about a medical device implanted in thousands of Americans at risk for blood clots – that has sparked lawsuits across the country.

According to the NBC investigation, at least 27 deaths have been linked to the Recovery filter – a spider-shaped device that is inserted into the largest vein in the body to stop blood clots from reaching the heart or lungs.

Data from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration shows approximately 300 other non-fatal problems have been associated with the Recovery filter, which is sold by medical device giant C.R. Bard.

Blood clot filters, also known as IVC filters, are placed in the inferior vena cava of people at risk of blood clots. There are two types of filters: permanent and retrievable, which means that once the risk of blood clots has subsided, the filter is removed.

The retrievable models, like the Recovery, are associated with the most complications, including the propensity to fracture, tilt, perforate and migrate to other organs in the body. If the metal fragments from a retrievable IVC filter are deposited in the heart, lungs or other organs, bleeding, severe pain and other serious, even fatal injuries can occur.

The NBC investigation uncovered evidence that suggests C.R. Bard knew about the problems associated with the Recovery filter, but instead sold about 34,000 of them for nearly three years before replacing them with a modified version. Studies have shown the longer the device is implanted, the greater the risk to patients.

Each year, about 250,000 blood clot filters from at least 11 different manufacturers are implanted in patients who can’t tolerate blood thinner, according to NBC News. In August 2010, the FDA issued an advisory after it had received 921 reports of filter migration, perforation and fracture.

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