New Report: Juul Delivers More Nicotine, and Faster

Juul electronic cigarettes deliver more nicotine than most other brands and do it faster, according to a study on vaping devices’ delivery of nicotine by Penn State College of Medicine that was just released recently.

The Penn State team noted that “the high addiction potential of these e-cigarettes is an important reason why non-smokers should not try them – but they may provide a way for smokers to switch to a less harmful form of nicotine consumption.”

“This type of product is likely addictive and is attractive to teenagers.” – from Penn State study on vaping and addiction

In the study, the researchers asked six regular Juul users to puff every 20 seconds for ten minutes. They took blood throughout and analyzed the nicotine level. The Juul users obtained blood nicotine concentrations almost three times as high as most of the e-cigarette users we previously studied. The researchers also talked to the participants about levels of things such as craving and anxiety before and after using Juul, and had them complete a questionnaire intended to measure their addiction.

“The high nicotine delivery of [Juul] and the scores on this study suggest that Juul is probably as addictive as cigarettes.” – Jessica Yingst

Langdon & Emison is representing clients nationwide in Juul vaping lawsuits. The states of New York and California have now filed lawsuits claiming the company downplayed addictive potential and targeted teens specifically.

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