The Most Often Overlooked Product Defect Cases

The real value of a personal injury case often is found in a defective product case. When personal injury cases are quickly settled for the insurance policy limits, they may miss the real potential to pay for a client’s full recovery and to maximize the value of a case.

Auto collisions and potential opportunities for product cases

A large body of litigation comes from auto collisions that lead to serious injury or death. Common characteristics of an auto accident case involving a product defect include:

  • Minor collisions resulting in catastrophic injury or death.
  • One of a few occupants severely injured while others have minor or no injuries.
  • Severe damage to or failure of a localized area of the vehicle (e.g., a roof crush or seat back collapse).
  • Seat-belted occupants who are seriously injured or who are partially or fully ejected.

These cases are usually referred to as “crashworthiness” or “enhanced injury” cases, where the vehicle design itself either caused the injury or made the injury worse than it would have been without the defect.

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