Tips for Spotting Tire Defects

Tire failures are a major cause of vehicle accidents but the defects that cause the tire to fail may not always be apparent.

Old, aged or used tires as well as tires with defects in design and manufacture are common causes of blow-outs and tire detreads. When evaluating an auto accident case, it’s important to look for tire defects as potential causes of the accident and sources of recovery. Factors to consider include:

  • Age of the tire. All tires deteriorate with age; older tires have a much higher risk of failure than newer tires with similar wear and tread depth.
  • Design/manufacturing defects. Poor design and construction of critical components, such as the inner liner, can allow air flow to permeate the internal tire structure and cause oxidation of the rubber components, making them brittle and susceptible to tread separation. In addition, poor manufacturing and placement of the belt plies can lead to premature failure.

Heavy truck manufacturers commonly design tires with an inner liner similar to that found in some passenger tires, despite knowing the tires will be subjected to carrying much greater loads.

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