Wall Street Journal: Trucker Shortage is Expected to Worsen

The Wall Street Journal published an in-depth article on the nation’s shortage of truck drivers.  It has often been reported that the companies that manage and employ drivers cause perpetually high turnover among truck drivers.  This leads to unsafe drivers behind the wheels of big rigs.

Driver fatigue is one of the main causes of accidents on today’s highways with tractor-trailers.  Langdon & Emison has represented individuals injured in truck accident cases from coast-to-coast.

Even those working as employees have a hard time making ends meet, partly because they are only paid for the miles they drive, not time waiting to load and unload their rigs or sitting in traffic. (…)  The industry could fix its labor shortage by raising pay enough to compensate for the hardships of the job or improving the terms for independent contractors.

— Quote from Wall Street Journal article, March 8, 2017