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Nearly every case Langdon & Emison handles involves a serious injury or death caused by a defective product that was not designed or made properly. The people we help often face months, even years of recovery from painful surgeries; costly medical bills; lost income; and the sorrow of losing a loved one because a company put an unsafe product on the market and chose profits before human safety.

We’ve Won Millions for Clients in Defective Product Cases

For more than 30 years, clients and referring attorneys have come to Langdon & Emison for help with product defect cases because we have a proven track record of getting the maximum recovery possible for our clients. Below is one example of a defective product case we tried in court and won:

Jury Verdict
Mason v. Wal-Mart
The Mason family purchased a fan at Wal-Mart that caught fire and burned a 14-month old baby to death while sleeping in the room. Our legal team successfully showed the fan did not have a cut-off device that would have kept it from overheating and catching fire. A Jackson County, Mo., jury awarded a verdict of $6 million for the family of the young child.

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For more than three decades, Langdon & Emison has been recognized as one of the nation’s top law firms in product liability litigation, an area of law devoted to protecting people from defective products that cause injury or death through no misuse of the product.

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