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New Program Connects MO Trial Attorneys to Legislators

The Missouri Association of Trial Attorneys (MATA) has developed a new program, Key Contacts, to help trial attorneys from the state to better connect with legislators. The goal of the program is to foster attorneys’ involvement in matters that help Missouri citizens gain  access to the civil justice system.

MATA Member Paul Bullman said, “The legislators who are my contacts know I share their values on other issues so I feel they understand when I’m talking about the 7th Amendment.”

Legislators in the state view their MATA contacts as a source of legal expertise, and legislators have begun contacting MATA members when their constituents have legal questions as well as when a piece of legislation has provisions of interest to MATA.

“As a non-lawyer, having someone I could turn to for legal questions is useful,” said former State Rep. Sheila Solon upon creation of the MATA Key Contacts program.  “Especially when I know they are looking out for my constituents and not just their own interests.”

Any member who wants to get involved in the Key Contacts program can contact Rachael Klarich at the MATA office in Jefferson City to participate.