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Resources for Those Affected by Evictions and Gun Violence in Kansas City

When a family or household is uprooted due to eviction, they often lose an extensive support system. It can be devastating when families are no longer in close proximity to those individuals or organizations that provided fundamental support.

In these situations, uprooted families often find themselves in dangerous or even life-threatening situations, especially if they move to an area unfamiliar to them or generally unsafe.

That’s exactly what’s happening in Kansas City. Experts argue that forced relocation by eviction directly correlates to the gun violence plaguing the area.

Since April 21, there have been 641 eviction filings in Kansas City. In the same three-month time period there have been 71 homicides, almost all firearm-related.

Gun violence in this region of the state is nothing new, but many residents are ready to put the trend behind them, turning to community advocacy and policy solutions to gun violence. In addition to local government organizations currently providing emergency rental and utility assistance, several local organizations such as KC Tenants are providing resources and support for those in need in the community.

If you or a loved one were a victim of gun violence in Kansas City or elsewhere in the state of Missouri, you may be able to hold the responsible party accountable and recover damages to help you and your family.

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