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A Reminder of the Importance of Following “Doctor’s Orders”

Injuries and accidents can occur unexpectedly, changing lives in an instant. The attorneys at Langdon and Emison dedicate themselves to serving injured victims across the nation and aid their clients in their road to recovery. Recovery can be both a physical and financial burden, and depending on the circumstances, can take a great amount of time. Langdon and Emison has been seeking justice and compensation for their injured clients for more than 30 years.

The importance of following a doctor’s orders after an accident remains just as important as seeking medical attention in the aftermath of the accident. That is why, as personal injury attorneys and people who care about their clients, we cannot stress the importance of following doctor’s orders enough; it will greatly benefit the client’s health and case.

Reasons to Follow Medical Advice & Follow Up

1.       Knowledgeable Professionals: Doctors are specially trained to treat and serve injured and sick patients. To become a licensed professional, they have attended medical school and passed their boards exam. Acquiring other’s opinions regarding your medical situation is okay, but you should never accept medical advice from anyone who is not a licensed physician; that includes yourself. Doctors have the expertise to understand what your best treatment options are regarding your injuries and any other special circumstances that may be present.

2.       Tailored Treatments: If you follow your doctor’s orders and suggestions as well as follow-up, and let them know how you are doing, then you can provide the doctor with insight as to what works for you and what doesn’t. Doctors, based on your feedback, can tailor your treatment plans, explore other options, adjust medications, and explore alternatives.

3.       Avoid Complications: When a doctor gives an instruction, such as improving mobility of an injured limb, they are giving them for a specific reason; increasing and improving the mobility of an injured limb could aid in recovery so function is not lost. These instructions are crucial and must be followed to avoid complications that could have costly or deadly consequences. Another reason to follow instructions: some treatments, even for minor injuries, ensure that those injuries do not cause more serious problems.

4.       Records and Documents: Medical records, documentation, and doctor’s notes are outgrowths of following a doctor’s orders as well as following up with your doctor. These collect information and data about your health, treatment plan, recovery, and any additional problems that occurred. Without these documents, there would not be as clear a picture of the consequences of the accident. These are also very useful for your case as they are more reliable and verifiable than a person’s word.

5.       Long Term Outcomes & Functioning: By following your doctors’ orders, your long-term outcomes can immensely improve; that includes any instructions provided by rehabilitation experts. While every accident, injury, and road to recovery differs, patients who do not follow their doctors’ recommendations post-injury may not experience as great a recovery as those who do. This holds true for almost every injury: minding the advice of a doctor puts patients on the best path to recovery.

6.       Your Insurance Company: Listening to your doctor’s recommendations and staying consistent with your treatment and rehabilitation provides the best path to recovering from the suffered injuries. This also eliminates common arguments insurance companies use to pay victims as little as possible; victims that do not immediately seek treatment or consistently follow up with their doctor can be considered “not really injured” or “not badly injured” by insurance companies.

Langdon and Emison have dedicated the firm’s legal practice to helping injured clients due to accidents, product defect, defective consumer products, unsafe roadway construction, defective medical devices, and dangerous prescription drugs. Consulting with an attorney is important regarding your accident, but it’s always good to remember to follow “doctor’s orders.”