What Types of Damages Can I Claim in a Car Accident?

A car accident can be anywhere from inconvenient to life-changing. Then there’s dealing with insurance companies, negotiations, and just how hurt you really are. In the end, you can end up with lingering effects or injuries not originally included in your payout that you have to manage on your own.

This is why you must choose a capable car accident lawyer in Chicago to represent you and your best interests. At Langdon & Emison, we know how the insurance companies work and how to earn for you the financial compensation you deserve.

What Damages Can Be Included in Your Lawsuit?

Understanding exactly what you can claim on your lawsuit is important. The driver who is at fault for your accident is responsible for more than just the damage to your body and vehicle. They are also responsible for a plethora of potential issues you could experience.

Damages commonly claimed include:

  • Medical bills and expenses

  • General damages

  • Lost wages and potential income

  • Wrongful death

Medical Bills and Expenses

The most obvious piece of the lawsuit following your car accident is the expectation of payment for medical expenses. If you’re lucky, you will only come out with a few cuts and bruises, but some people will end up severely disfigured or even paralyzed.

Directly after a car accident, many victims are quick to say “I’m fine,” and try to go on as if the traumatic event hadn’t happened. Days later, they realize they were seriously injured in the accident.

Always have a medical examination after an accident to make sure nothing is overlooked that could lead to horrible consequences, such as an untreated concussion leading to a fatality.

What medical expenses can I include in my lawsuit?

  • Hospital bills

  • Ambulance fees

  • Procedures

  • In-home or outpatient therapy

  • Physical therapy

  • Cognitive therapy

  • Chiropractic procedures

  • Disfigurement

  • Paralysis

  • Permanent disability

Remember to get the opinion of your doctor before you leave. Ask what sort of therapy or follow-up they would recommend and if they have a projected idea of the type of recovery you’re going to have to go through. These projected costs can be included in the settlement of the lawsuit.

General Damages

Most damages are classified into two types of damages. Special damages can include anything that has a monetary value attached to it like medical bills, receipts, or the cost of therapy sessions.

But what happens when you are affected in a way that has no money trail or receipts? General damages include damages that do not have a monetary value such as pain and suffering, fear, anxiety, and anything that may affect your quality of life after the accident.

What general damages can be included in my car accident lawsuit?

  • Physical Pain – Pain in the body resulting from the accident.

  • Mental Trauma – Mental suffering and emotional distress.

  • Unexpected Losses – Loss of companionship, quality of life, and enjoyment of life.

  • Physical Reparations – Disfigurement, physical impairment, and sexual dysfunction.

  • Mental Anguish – Fright, shock, anger, and terror.

  • Mental Hardships – Grief, depression, and anxiety.

Contact a car accident lawyer in Chicago to ensure all the damages that come without a paper trail are taken into account. Insurance companies are notorious for minimizing and denying general damages as they do not come with a specific monetary value.

Lost Wages and Income

When a car accident causes you physical injury that makes you miss work for any amount of time, you are entitled to have that covered in your lawsuit. And if a car accident precludes you from current and future employment due to your injury, your loss of potential to earn income should be included as well.

Your car accident lawyer must be able to demonstrate that the injury will negatively impede your earning potential. You need an experienced and proven car accident lawyer to collect the documents and medical files and ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

What factors does a jury look at when assessing earning potential?

  • Age

  • Job industry

  • Skill

  • Experience

  • Life expectancy

  • Family responsibilities

Loss of Consortium or Wrongful Death

After a car accident, injuries may harm relationships due to loss of affection and intimacy. These damages are not claimed by the injured victim, but by the spouse of the victim. They may claim damages such as loss of affection, loss of companionship, and loss of consortium.

Additionally, wrongful death is also claimed by the family of the victim. Wrongful death claims cover everything above plus loss of income. The lawsuit will include the emotional impact of the wrongful death on the family of the victim, the loss of companionship for the spouse, and the financial ramifications of losing the victim’s income.

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