How much will a car accident lawyer cost me?

When you are in a car accident in Chicago, you have the right to seek compensation from the at-fault party for your medical bills and more.

In many cases, people avoid filing legal claims because they believe that hiring an attorney is too expensive. The truth is, it can cost you more if you don’t hire an attorney. Why? Because you could be stuck paying repair bills, medical costs, and more – all out of your own pocket.

Even if you are able to get a settlement offer from the other driver’s liability insurance carrier, they’re not likely to offer you full compensation. That is, unless you have a car accident lawyer in Chicago representing you.

Experienced Representation for Car Accident Victims

An experienced car accident lawyer at Langdon & Emison can represent your case for no up-front charge. We only recover our fee if we can win a settlement or court award for you. That puts all of the risk on us, allowing you to obtain legal representation and seek the maximum amount of compensation available, no matter your financial situation.

Understandably, you would be wary of the cost of hiring a lawyer, especially with the financial challenges you find yourself facing. But we at Langdon & Emison want to help. Call us to learn more about how attorneys like us operate on a contingency basis, what that means, and how we can help you seek the maximum compensation possible.

Your first appointment is always free, so call us now at (312) 872-3389 or contact us online to speak to an experienced Chicago car accident attorney with no obligation.

Many Personal Injury Cases Don’t Require an Hourly Fee

In many types of cases, the attorney you hire will charge an hourly fee. This is true whether you are going through a divorce or fighting criminal charges.

In personal injury law, however, things tend to work a bit differently. Rather than being charged an hourly rate, you are charged a percentage of your settlement amount or jury award. If your attorney doesn’t get you a settlement or award, you pay nothing.

This works out for you in several ways:

  • Your lawyer has your best interests in mind at all times –  a settlement or award for you means they get paid.

  • The best outcome in your case is a priority for your attorney.

  • You can get the help you need right away because you don’t have to worry about the cost.

  • Your attorney won’t take your case just to get paid; they will only take a case when they think you have a good chance of succeeding.

Contingency Arrangements: Your Attorney Gets Paid From Your Settlement

When you speak to your Chicago car accident lawyer, ask about the percentage of your settlement or award you will be asked to pay at the conclusion of your case.

While each case is unique, the typical fee lies around 30%.  The percentage you are charged will depend on several factors, including:

  • How long your case is expected to take

  • Whether it is likely that your case will go to trial

  • The level of complexity involved in your case

Because each case is unique, it’s important to at least schedule an initial appointment with an attorney before you begin making financial decisions. These appointments are free, so let us delve deeper into the details of your crash, your injuries, and who may be at fault.

Once we have a clear picture of what happened, we’ll be ready to discuss our contingency fee and the percentage you may be charged.

Other Costs Associated With Your Case

Your attorney will need a variety of documents to prove your case. They will also need to cover specific costs.

These will typically be covered by your attorney during the course of your case. Coverage for these costs may come out of your contingency percentage, but in some cases, you will be asked to reimburse those costs in addition to the percentage obtained from your award. The exact details will vary from firm-to-firm and case-to-case.

These additional costs may include:

  • Court costs

  • Witness fees

  • Copies of medical records

  • Various administrative costs

When you are speaking with your attorney, ask how these costs will be paid for and which costs you will be asked to pay back on an itemized basis. Your attorney should be very direct with you regarding fees.

Here are some good questions to ask:

1. What percentage of my settlement or award will I be asked to pay?

2. What other expenses will I be asked to reimburse you for?

3. Are there any costs associated with my case that must be paid up front?

4. How will you communicate with me throughout my case, including keeping me up-to-date on ongoing costs?

As you can see, the cost to hire a car accident attorney is typically nothing. Ignoring your case could mean that you spend tens of thousands of dollars on medical bills, repair costs, and more. The question you need to ask yourself isn’t, “Can I afford an attorney?” but, “Can I afford to not hire an attorney?”

We Are Your Advocates In Chicago

If you have been involved in a car accident in Chicago, Langdon & Emison wants to provide you with the services and resources you need to maximize your chances of a full financial recovery. We have been representing car crash victims in the local area for more than three decades.

We know what it takes to win, and we aren’t afraid to take your case to court if insurance companies or defendants refuse to accept liability. When the insurance companies want to play hardball, we come out swinging.

Call our office today at (312) 872-3389 or contact us online to schedule a free case evaluation and learn more about your legal options. You and your family do not have to face financial ruin because of someone else’s negligence or poor choices. Reach out now and let us make you a priority.