Defective Guardrails

Guardrails are intended to protect motorists in a crash; however, a defective guardrail end terminal system called the ET-Plus is causing severe injuries and deaths in auto crashes nationwide.

Langdon & Emison is a national leader in guardrail litigation and is handling a number of ongoing lawsuits across the country on behalf of people who have been severely injured or lost loved ones in accidents involving the ET-Plus guardrail end terminal system. Our attorneys lead national groups dedicated to ET-Plus litigation and can be seen on multiple news outlets, including ABC’s 20/20 discussing the defective end terminal system.

Why the ET-Plus is Dangerous

An end terminal, or head of the guardrail, is designed to absorb the energy of a crash and allow the striking vehicle to ride down the guardrail as it slows and comes to a complete stop. If designed properly, the end terminal provides an outlet for the guardrail to curl away from the striking vehicle like a flat ribbon.

In 2005, Trinity Industries, the manufacturer of the ET-Plus end terminal, secretly began making significant design changes to the ET-Plus, including reducing the dimensions and weight of critical components of the guardrail system. These changes affect how the rail collapses upon impact.

When the ET-Plus is hit, the guardrail locks up and folds back, forming a spear that can slice right through a vehicle and cause serious injuries to occupants, or deaths.

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Defective Guardrails Video

Video: 20/20 Report on Defective ET-Plus Guardrails