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When someone is catastrophically injured or killed in a motor vehicle accident, never assume the injuries are just the fault of the driver who caused the accident. Focusing solely on driver negligence ignores the possibility that a vehicle defect caused the accident or made the injuries worse.

Unfortunately, it can be easy for attorneys to focus only on the negligence of the driver and quickly settle a case for the insurance policy limits, which can be as low as $15,000 and miss the real potential to pay for a client’s full recovery.

We've Won Multi-Million Dollar Verdicts in Auto Defect Cases

Unlike other law firms, Langdon & Emison evaluates every auto accident case for a potential product defect, which has allowed us to obtain multi-million dollar verdicts for our clients in high-profile auto defect cases, such as:

  • $59 million jury verdict, Reclined Seat Case, Kumar v. Toyota.

  • $43.1 million landmark jury verdict, Seat Defect Case, Heco v. Midstate Dodge LLC et al.

  • $26.4 million jury verdict, Fuel-Fed Fire Case, Wasilik v. Ford.

  • $23.4 million jury verdict, Rollover/Tire Detread Case, Castillo v. Ford.

  • $16.9 million jury verdict, Reclined Seat Case, Martin v. Ford.

  • $12.5 million jury verdict, Fuel Tank Puncture Case, Mathes v. Ford.

  • $11.3 million U.S. Supreme Court opinion, Fuel-Fed Fire Case, Baker v. General Motors

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Could I have an auto product defect case?

We don’t always know if an auto defect caused an accident – or caused someone’s injuries to be worse than what they should have been – but we will evaluate every case for a potential defect at no cost or obligation to you. A few examples of when an auto product defect could be in play:

For more information about screening for an auto defect, click on the video below and download our PDF: Screening for an Auto Product Defect

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Langdon & Emison’s reputation as a national leader in auto product liability litigation comes from 30 years of taking on the world’s largest auto manufacturers in courtrooms from coast to coast, including the U.S. Supreme Court.

Whether you are a client or a referring attorney, we will be pleased to review your case for an auto product defect at no cost or obligation to you. For more information, contact Langdon & Emison at 800-397-4910 or click below.


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