Should I release my medical records to the other driver’s insurance?

Soon after an accident, you may hear from another driver’s insurance company. If they call you, you can expect a friendly voice that says they just want to chat about the details of your car accident or related medical issues. If you receive written notice, you might see some language that strongly implies it is mandatory for you to sign to release your medical records to the other driver’s insurance.

Keep in mind that you are rarely obligated to communicate with another driver’s insurance company beyond providing basic contact information and notice of a claim. If you ever feel pressured to interact or release your medical records to the other driver’s insurance, a seasoned car accident lawyer in Chicago can help clear up the confusion.

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Why does another driver’s insurance company want my medical records?

The insurance company may lead you into thinking that releasing your medical records is a normal part of the claims process when it is not.

You are only required to send forms that are most relevant to your case. This may include documentation from your visit, billing records, and more. Any time you feel uncomfortable releasing sensitive personal information you typically have the right to refuse. Or, you may be able to provide an alternative form of documentation.

Usually, if an opposing insurance company contacts you and requests medical records, they’re hoping to get information on any past conditions or other information they could use to reduce your claim. For example, if you’re claiming severe back and neck pain as part of your damages, they will seek out any doctor visits, prescriptions, or procedures that could be used to prove you had back or neck pain as a pre-existing condition.

The chances of this increase significantly if you sign to release your medical records to the other driver’s insurance for multiple records at once. Instead, you reserve the right to provide them with individual documents specifically related to the recent visits post-accidents. They may try to argue that it’s easier to send all the information at once, or that you need to provide access to all past records as a part of their process, but don’t be misled.

Your records are protected by doctor-patient confidentiality and you should only provide the essential information needed to determine your damages.

Protect Yourself From Insurance Companies

If the insurance company needs medical information to determine how much your injuries cost, you can just as easily provide them with each specific form and record. You may also want to have your car accident attorney review your forms to ensure they have only as much information on them as an insurance company needs to calculate costs.

Most people don’t have experience dealing with insurance companies, medical records, and the legal process. For this reason, getting help from an experienced Chicago car accident attorney can boost your chances of recovering the maximum in damages.

Hiring a well-practiced law firm to represent and advise you through this process can help you avoid the many pitfalls set by insurance companies. When you’ve got an experienced legal team on your side, you can always inform them of any communications from an insurance company and make sure you’re not giving more information than is necessary.

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When choosing a car accident lawyer in Chicago for your case, make sure to seek out a legal team with a history of winning cases for clients in similar situations to your own. Also, make sure your attorney has experience in your locale.

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