Who will pay my medical bills in my pending car accident case?

who pays medical bills in a car accident

Whether you only sustained minor whiplash or you were left with injuries that will require ongoing care for the rest of your life, these injuries come with medical bills. Trying to pay for these medical bills can be a hassle, especially when car insurance companies don’t want to be cooperative.

Before you try to figure out who pays medical bills in a car accident, contact Langdon & Emison to fight on your behalf. 

Car insurance companies will do everything they can to pay as little as they can. Meanwhile, medical bills can pile up. It’s important to know your rights and protect your financial interests. 

The Problem

There is an unfortunate time period between the resolution and payout of a case and the due date of the medical bills. Medical providers often won’t wait for the case to be resolved. They will often send the bill and if you don’t pay it, they will more than likely still demand payment. 

They might choose to send the balance of your medical bills to a collections agency. Or, they might choose to just sue you for the full amount. 

What do you do if you are waiting for your case to be resolved and don’t have the money to pay your medical bills? You know the money to pay these bills will arrive eventually, you just don’t have it yet. 

Thankfully, you have options. You don’t have to suffer from medical bills in collections or deal with another lawsuit while you wait for the car insurance company to release your funds.

How to Pay Medical Bills While Your Car Accident Case is Pending

Discuss which of these options is best for your situation with a lawyer since each case and financial status is different.  

You might want to allow your health insurance to pay your medical bills while you wait for the case to wrap up and funds to be released. Or, you can choose to ask the medical provider to place a lien on your settlement. 

1. Have your health insurance providers pay.

If you have health insurance, you could just submit all your medical expenses and allow them to provide medical coverage. This might seem like the easiest solution because you will be able to reimburse them once you receive the compensation from your case. 

This option isn’t for everyone. Maybe your health insurance doesn’t cover enough and you are still left with a large balance to pay. 

Or, maybe you have a high deductible to cover. Plus, you will have to deal with the hassle of reimbursing your health insurance company after you receive your settlement amount. 

2. Ask the medical provider to put a lien on your settlement.

Another option is to request the medical providers to place a lien on your settlement. A lien on your settlement is a legally binding agreement between you and the medical provider. In this agreement, you consent to pay the medical bills after you receive your compensation.

It is imperative that you work with a lawyer before you sign a lien with a medical provider. Often, they will place a lien for the full billable amount. Your lawyer might be able to negotiate this on your behalf.

If you have a strong legal team working with you, putting a lien in your settlement might be the best option. Discuss this with your lawyer so you can make the smartest decision for your situation.

Worried you can’t pay your bills after being in a crash? We can help.

If you are looking at a pile of unpaid bills, worried about how you will ever be able to pay them, we can help. Contact our auto accident lawyers today. We will sort through all of your medical bills and communicate directly to the medical providers, helping you avoid financial difficulties after you already suffered injuries in a car accident. 

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