New York Times: Loose Oversight of Medical Devices Poses a Threat to Public Health

After an exhaustive study of the safety and efficacy of artificial hips in America, the New York Times has published an article that examines the full risks of these devices.  Thousands of Americans have filed lawsuits against the manufacturers of artificial hips.

“Many people assume that the Food and Drug Administration requires rigorous testing of medical devices before they are approved, the same as the lengthy approval process it requires for new drugs.  In fact, most high-risk devices on the market, including implants, have undergone no clinical testing at all.”  — New York Times, 1/13/18

About 32 million Americans, or approximately 1 in 10, have at least one artificial device implanted. Many people who have them inserted are being treated by physicians who aren’t fully aware of the risks and the costs involved.

medical-devices-poses-a-threat-to-public-healthThe article, which is written by Jeanne Lenzer, calls for a decrease in the 510(k) loopholes that allow artificial hips to be rushed to market, bypassing testing that would protect consumers.  “Loose oversight of devices poses a threat to public health,” the opinion piece concludes.