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Auto Product Defects, Recovery Strategies Covered in L&E Webinar

Partners Kent Emison, Brett Emison and Brennan Delaney prsented together at the Strafford webinar “Personal Injuries and Auto Shop Liability From Accidents Due to Negligent, Inadequate Repairs” on July 28.  A recording of the program is available on Strafford’s web site.

Covered during the webinar were the following hot topics in auto products litigation:

  • Identifying Repair and Modification Claims
    1. Initial investigation
    2. Preserving the evidence
    3. Expert inspections
    4. Data Downloads and preservation
    5. When and where to file suit
    6. Anticipated Defenses
    7. Discovery practice tips
    8. Strategies for settling claims
    9. Trial preparation
  • Heavy Truck Repair and Maintenance Claims
    1. Defective Brake Maintenance and Repairs
    2. Defective Airbag Repairs
    3. Wheel Bearing Failures
  • Wheel Separation Failures and Claims
  • Auto modification and Aftermarket Claims
  • Negligent Tire Repairs
  • Claims for selling recalled vehicles with dangerous defects.

The panel discussed mechanics and repair shop liability for repairs that allegedly cause or contribute to car or truck accidents and severe and permanent injuries. Relevant standards of care, preservation of evidence, overcoming recurring defenses, the role of “garage insurance,” and best options for resolving these claims was also covered.

Langdon & Emison’s attorneys have earned a national reputation for over 30 years as product defect attorneys.  The firm has litigated auto product matters from coast to coast.