Gas Explosion & Electrocution Results

Catastrophic accidents, such as a gas explosions or electrocutions, often are caused by the negligence of another party such as a utility company. When these unfortunate events occur, accident victims and their families rely on Langdon & Emison, a firm with 30 years of experience handling gas explosion and electrocution cases and obtaining the maximum recovery possible for our clients.


Featured Cases

The Featured Cases below demonstrate our success as trial attorneys and the multi-million and million-dollar verdicts we have obtained for our clients in courtrooms across the country. The list also illustrates our deep experience and expertise across an array of personal injury litigation.

$3.75 million recovery, Patterson v. Confidential Defendant

A family residing in the northeast portion of the United States was awakened by a devastating propane explosion that blew the home apart and propelled family members into the air and back down in the fiery debris. They suffered severe and permanent injuries and burns to their bodies.
The explosion was caused by a rogue 325-gallon propane gas tank that had been placed on the property for a prior owner. The propane tank was filled three years prior to the family moving into the residence and it remained in that location for five years after they moved in despite multiple requests to have it removed and the propane company’s own service order directing removal of the tank.

$2 million recovery, Case against a confidential water heater manufacturer and HVAC service company

Langdon & Emison successfully obtained a $2 million recovery for a Missouri family whose home violently exploded less than 24 hours after an HVAC company worked in and around propane pipes leading into and around the HVAC unit. The legal team worked extensively with a core group of experts from across the country to determine the source of the propane link stemmed from the work performed by the HVAC service company on two separate occasions. The legal team also resolved a product liability claim against the water heater manufacturer after determining the water heater ignited the leaking propane.

Bolins v. ABC Automobile Dealership

Our client suffered severe burns when an employee of an automobile dealership blew up a fuel tank that was being serviced. The explosion occurred as a result of the negligence of a service technician who used a cigarette lighter in an area where gasoline and gasoline vapors were present.

Minter v. Ameren Union Electric

Langdon & Emison obtained a confidential settlement on behalf of Ronald Minter, Missouri man who was severely shocked by overhead power lines that did not meet national clearance standards and were not inspected properly. Mr. Minter worked on top of a canopy in Lathrop, Mo., that was adjacent to 7,200-volt power lines owned and maintained by Union Electric (Ameren UE). As he removed metal skirting on the edge of the canopy, a high-power electrical transfer occurred. Mr. Minter suffered severe burns to his arms, chest, and thighs and his right arm had to be amputated.

Salazar v. Ameren Union Electric

Langdon & Emison reached a confidential settlement on behalf of James Salazar who was shocked by a 7,200-volt power line while working as a lineman for Union Electric Company/Ameren UE in St. Louis, Mo. Mr. Salazar was ordered to work on a pole that was unduly hazardous, from a bucket truck, without first shutting down the power. Mr. Salazar came in contact with an arc flash event while his arm was in contact with a Cellnet antenna that was mounted on the pole and around the electrical wires where he was working. As a result of the electrical shock, Mr. Salazar’s left arm was amputated and he suffered severe injuries, including extensive burns to his face, back and chest.

Page v. Ameren Union Electric

Mr. Page was operating a defective crane that came into contact with a high-voltage power line. He was critically injured during the accident, and his injuries resulted in a triple amputation. The case settled in St. Louis for a favorable amount for our client.

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