Truck Accident Case Results

Langdon & Emison has dedicated 30 years of practice to helping victims of trucking accidents fight the trucking companies, insurance companies and other responsible parties in court. During this time, we have earned a national reputation for trucking accident litigation and obtaining the maximum recovery possible for our clients.


Featured Cases

The Featured Cases below demonstrate our success as trial attorneys and the multi-million and million-dollar verdicts we have obtained for our clients in courtrooms across the country. The list also illustrates our deep experience and expertise across an array of personal injury litigation.

$12.5 million verdict, Mathes v. Ford

A Ford F-150 was hit by an out-of-control semi-truck and was subsequently rear-ended by another vehicle causing the fuel tank to be punctured. A large fire resulted and three people were burned to death. This case resulted in a $12.5 million verdict for Mr. Mathes, whose son and parents burned to death in this collision.

$7 million verdict, Reagan v. Dunaway Timber

Langdon & Emison’s legal team successfully argued that the driver of a tractor-trailer was negligent and reckless for driving while fatigued. The suit against the driver’s employer alleged negligent hiring, among other claims, and was filed in Arkansas federal court.

$5.8 million settlement, Confidential Trucking Accident Case

Kent Emison and David Brose earned a $5.8 million settlement for a 16-year old client who was injured in a truck accident. The two attorneys successfully argued that the tractor-trailer in question was deliberately trying to avoid weigh scales and never should have been on the highway where the accident occurred.

$4.5 million verdict, Eckerberg v. Inter-State Studio, Inc.

U.S. Marine Aaron Eckerberg suffered life-altering injuries when the vehicle he was driving was hit by the negligent driver of a commercial vehicle. Mr. Eckerberg’s injuries included a fractured thoracic vertebrate and a mild traumatic brain injury. The legal team argued that Eckerberg’s injuries were career-ending and had a significant impact on his future earnings.

$4 million verdict, Newton v. Trade Winds

Langdon & Emison won a $4 million verdict on behalf of the family of Michael Newton, a Missouri State Highway patrolman. The trooper was issuing a ticket on the right-hand shoulder of the highway when his police car was hit from behind by a commercial truck. The fuel tank on the police cruiser was punctured and Trooper Newton was burned to death. The other occupant of the police car survived the impact with severe burns.

$2 million verdict, Cravens v. Ryder TRS Inc., PRI Inc. and Ford

Paul Cravens, while driving a rented Ryder truck, attempted to slow or stop the truck because a school bus had stopped in front of him. Cravens attempted to apply the truck’s brake, but the truck suddenly and uncontrollably accelerated. As a result, the truck struck the school bus and Cravens died in the crash.

Trucking Accident, Henderson v. Alfred Wray and Express Leasing

A car was rear-ended by an Express Leasing semi-truck, driven by Alfred Wray. Wray failed to stop for a red light. The collision between the car and truck forced the car into the path of a Ford Escort occupied by Kenneth and Royetta Zeller. The Escort then caught fire and the Zellers were severely burned. Royetta died from her burn injuries and 25 percent of Kenneth’s body was burned. The accident occurred on U.S. Highway 71, near Pineville, Mo. The case was settled for a confidential amount.

Underride of a Semi-Truck, Spurgeon v. Gilster-Mary Lee

The plaintiffs in this case rear-ended a semi-trailer truck. The underride bar broke, allowing the car to go under the rear of the truck. Both occupants of the car were killed.

Tractor-Trailer Accident, Rowan v. Miles Farms

Our client was rear-ended by a tractor trailer being driven too fast for the weather conditions in rural Missouri. Plaintiff suffered a crushed heel that prevented her from walking again and severe bruising to her heart and lungs. This case resulted in a confidential settlement.

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