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Millions of men nationwide have received various forms of testosterone therapy; however, studies have shown that testosterone therapy drugs double the risk of heart attack among men over age 65 and nearly triple the risk in younger men with a history of heart disease.

Langdon & Emison represents men across the United States who have suffered heart attacks or strokes after taking testosterone therapy products such as gels, creams and injections. Contact our firm for a free case evaluation at 866-931-2115 or click on the button to the right.

What is Testosterone Therapy?

Testosterone is essential to the development of male growth and masculine characteristics. Testosterone products are FDA-approved only for use in men who lack or have low testosterone levels in conjunction with an associated medical condition. These products are marketed under a number of brand names, including:

  • Androderm.
  • AndroGel.
  • Bio-T-Gel.
  • Delatestryl.
  • Depo-Testosterone.
  • Fortesta.
  • Striant.
  • Testim.
  • Testopel.

Testosterone therapy typically involves the administration of testosterone either by injection or by use of testosterone skin creams or gels. Testosterone therapy may also be prescribed to lessen the effects or delay the onset of normal male aging. It is still debatable whether testosterone therapy is of significant benefit to otherwise healthy older men.

What are the Risks Associated with Testosterone Therapy?

Potential testosterone therapy complications include:

  • Heart attack.
  • Stroke.
  • Pulmonary embolism.

A 2014 study found that men age 65 and older had double the risk of heart attack within 90 days of taking a testosterone gel when compared with non-testosterone users. For younger men with a previous heart attack, testosterone gels tripled the risk of a subsequent heart within 90 days of starting testosterone gel.

A November 2013 study published in the Journal of American Medical Association also found that testosterone therapy resulted in a substantially increased risk for heart attack and stroke in men over 65.

What is the FDA Doing About this Potential Danger to Consumers?

In 2014, an outside panel of experts urged the FDA to tighten the language on testosterone-replacement drug labels to limit the medicines from being overprescribed and rein in the aggressive marketing by drug-makers.

According to the FDA, the benefits of testosterone drugs for healthy, aging men are unproven, and the drugs could be risky.

Where Can I Find More Information About the Dangers of Testosterone Therapy?

Brett Emison, partner at Langdon & Emison, has published several articles on the dangers of testosterone drugs as well as the book “Testosterone therapy’s link to heart attack, stroke, and death: what you need to know.” The iBook is available on iTunes and is the first to be published on the subject of the dangers of testosterone therapy.

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